About Stichting LOV



Stichting LOV is a Dutch non-profit welfare organisation that runs language and participation projects Rotterdam. Stichting LOV aims at empowerment and better social integration and participation. It provides services to marginalised or isolated people. In most cases these people are women who belong to (non-western) ethnic minorities.

The main method used by Stichting LOV is individual coaching through volunteers. More than 200 people are working as volunteers at the moment. Depending on the project, the volunteer works on improving the participants’ language skills and/or explore the participants’ talents and personal and professional aims. The participants are being encouraged to follow further language and civic integration courses.

Sharing expertise

As one of the biggest organisations of its kind in the Netherlands Stichting LOV also offers services for other organisations: language learning methodologies, lectures, training and coaching.



For more information about Stichting LOV, please contact

E-mail: info@stichtinglov.nl
Phone: +31-10-7420281

Stichting LOV
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